On September 16, Horizon Science and Noble Academies, a group of charter schools across Ohio, brought family members and alumni together in downtown Columbus to support their schools.  Over the summer, several former disgruntled employees, backed by the liberal group ProgressOhio (who look out for the interests of teacher’s unions), brought about several allegations against the group of schools.  Since then, Horizon and Noble have been pushed around in the media and are fully cooperating with investigations by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  With hearings taking place at ODE on the 16th, the 17 schools from Ohio decided it would be a great time to gather together for a supportive rally.  Who showed up?  Approximately 400 of their closest supporters.  They marched in support of their schools and for their freedom of school choice from the Statehouse to the Ohio Department of Education, several blocks away.  There, they rallied to let ODE board members know how important these schools are to so many families and students. 

The family members attending the rally had several things in common.  They were not frustrated and ready to look elsewhere because of the allegations.  No.  They continued to be PROUD of their school and of how it serves their family.  They were PROUD of their students for finally finding success, after being let down many times before.  And they were PROUD that they have the ability to make the best choice possible for their students. 

How can you support your school or school choice organization?  We’d love to hear your stories of pride and school support.  Let’s look to Horizon and Noble Academies for an excellent example.