The Cleveland Plain Dealer posted an editorial column on September 20 entitled, Charter School Reform Needs to Rank High on Ohio Senate’s To-Do List.   As usual, the article did very little to let the public know the positives of charter schools and how they are helping many students.  But there are some truths to what was said.  What about reform?  Do our charter schools need more managing?

We're all looking for what’s best for our children, which is why we value school choice.  As families of students who are being or have been schooled in a charter school, we know of charter schools that are impacting our children in a positive way…otherwise, they wouldn’t be there!  We are seeing these students move to a learning environment that fits their learning style and find success where there may have been frustration and little hope at one time.

Tightening the reigns on all schools is important in making sure each one is held accountable to the highest degree.  But that means ALL schools, not just charters must be held to equal federal and state standards.  Scandals and allegations happen in the most traditional of brick and mortar schools, as well as charter schools.  Schools are failing in the public realm, as well as in the charter realm.  Public schools that end up in academic emergency can stay in that status for many years with little consequence, but a charter school in academic emergency is in jeopardy of losing its charter almost immediately.   If we are going to reform or tighten the reigns on schools, let’s see that it happens across the board.

Schools in general will forever need polishing, decluttering, deep-cleaning, and some reforming to make way for what is best for the students they serve.  No matter how lofty a school ranks on an academic report card, it may not be the perfect school for a certain child’s needs.  It's the choice we are able to make that will set that student up for a lifetime of learning.  We value school choice and make our choice, whether it’s public, private, charter, or homeschooling, based on what we think is best for our children’s futures’ and making sure they are on their most successful path.