Public charter schools aren’t available in all states. In Ohio, we're fortunate to have so many choices. Not everyone is so lucky.

Why doesn’t every child in every state and district have access to school choice?  It puts students at a distinct disadvantage.  And these are often students that may already have the deck stacked against them.

Unfortunately, poorly performing schools are typically found in communities with a lower average income, lower parental educational experience level, and higher crime rates. Not surprisingly, children who grow up in these environments are already exposed to more challenges than those who live in more affluent communities. They often have parents that work long hours at minimum wage jobs, leaving them on their own for hours at a time and without the resources to be involved in extracurricular activities that cost money or require a time commitment.

Many parents are financially unable to move to a district with a better school. Housing in desirable districts is often much higher due to the interest in the school.

What choice do these parents who want better for their children have?  They deserve a choice in public education.  Charter schools, magnet schools, STEM schools, scholarships/vouchers, e-schools, the list goes on and on. These schools and options balance the scales, making a high quality educational available to every student, regardless of their home address or the income of their caregivers.

AuthorAvinova Media Group