Believe it or not, testing has begun for many students across Ohio. 

After last school year’s debacle with PARCC testing, which was highly criticized by students, families, school faculty and leadership across Ohio, the state decided that simplifying the testing process was the only option. 

Under federal law (No Child Left Behind), all students in grades 3-8 must be administered annual standardized assessments in English/language arts and math.  High school students are administered these tests at least once in their 9-12 career.  Getting rid of testing completely isn’t a choice.  Over the past few months, The Ohio Department of Education has been working to simplify the tests and adjusting tests to match Ohio’s Learning Standards.   These standards are the backbone for what goes on in the classroom.

This school year, tests are shorter.  The test for each subject will take approximately three hours.  Districts can choose to have students take tests in two 90-minute sessions or in one 180- minute session.  Testing will be administered in late fall and spring.

For more information on testing, please visit this helpful ODE testing page.