We are constantly hearing negative news about charter schools…very negative news.  But thankfully, a recent editorial in The Columbus Dispatch highlighted some much-needed positives happening in the Ohio charter school world.

Due to a law passed earlier this year, the Ohio Department of Education has begun evaluating and rating charter school sponsors/authorizers who overlook Ohio public charter schools.  Ratings can be exemplary, effective, ineffective and developing, based on ODE’s extensive evaluation.

Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, who oversees 51 schools, Ohio Council of Community Schools, overseeing 46 schools, and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundations, 11 schools, all recently earned exemplary ratings from ODE.  Ratings look at best practices within the sponsorships and schools themselves, as well as academic outcomes of students.

This is the second batch of ratings done by the Ohio Department of Education, who expects to be 90 percent complete with the process by the end of 2015.

Bad eggs get a lot of press, but it's important to remember the vital role charter schools play for thousands of parents and students across the state.  These types of positive stories tend to get less attention, which makes highlighting them all the more important.

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