This letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer from our Board President was recently published - 

The Plain Dealer reported Sen. Sherrod Brown wants federal interference with charter schools ("Sen. Sherrod Brown seeks to stop waste, mismanagement of charter schools," Plain Dealer, July 11). Cheered on by teachers' unions, Sen. Brown wrongly calls public charter schools "for-profit charter schools." There's is no such thing as a "for-profit" school. All charter schools are public schools run by non-profit, independent school boards, made up of volunteers. Those boards - just like every traditional school board in this state - contract out with private companies to provide services and products. Traditional school districts spend tens of millions of dollars every year on private providers on all kinds of services.

Charter school boards hold private providers accountable for the school's daily operations and so do the parents. If a parent feels a school isn't effective, they'll go to a different school. That's the essence of competition and it's what Ohioans overwhelmingly support. Sen. Brown doesn't trust parents. What a shame.

Ohio's public charter schools are a necessary option for Ohio's families and they are accountable to the parents and to the public.

Katherine Brecheisen,


Brecheisen is president of My School My Choice

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