This letter to the editor (text below) written by our President was recently published by the Columbus Dispatch.

Unions prefer to degrade charter schools

I read last Wednesday’s letter “State is giving for-profit charters a pass” from Kevin Levine; it was so riddled with misinformation about Ohio’s public charter schools that I felt compelled to address it. There is no such thing as a “for-profit" charter school. 

Many of those who don’t trust parents to choose the more effective school for their child continue to use this false term, which was concocted by teachers-union leaders. All charter schools are public schools run by nonprofit, independent school boards, made up of volunteers. They simply contract with a private provider for a service, just like some traditional public school districts do. 

Public charter schools are audited by the auditor of state just as traditional districts are. Each public charter school must account for every dollar as well as other things like student attendance counts. The audits, as intended, promote transparency and serve as a deterrent to fraud. 

Charter-school parents don’t want charter schools to be unregulated, nor do they want watered-down regulations. They just want fair regulations that are not driven by those who want to shut down this important choice. 

Trust parents to know what is best for their children and to choose the best educational option for them. 


President - My School My Choice


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