As school choice supporters and advocates, we know what it feels like to be on the forefront of something exciting and innovative.  We are among a group who support and take advantage of putting our children in the type of school environment we want them to be in.  With this choice, we are able to nurture our children to the best of our ability and make sure they are being placed on the path that will lead them to success in the future.

Our lawmakers want to represent our choices and our needs.  They have been elected by us to speak for us.  Keeping them in the loop on what’s important to our families is necessary for them to serve us well. 

EdChoice recently released an article about the state legislators who serve us and told of a recent survey they had conducted on legislators across the U.S.  One of the findings was, “Contact with the people they represent is critically important in the legislative decision-making process.  Lawmakers take what their constituents say seriously, and those discussions affect how they vote.” 

The EdChoice article also gave some great ideas for contacting legislators that may be a good fit for you.

We love that we have the choice to educate our children in the environment we think is best for their needs.  We know that even though it’s new and possibly even innovative, it may be what’s right for our kids.  Letting our legislators know how important this is to us is a necessary step in keeping this a choice for generations to come. 

To contact your legislator here in Ohio, you must know the four-digit extention of your zip code.  Find that by inputting your address on the USPS website.  Then, input your zip code and four-digit extension in the Find My Legislators section of the Ohio Legislature webpage.

You have a story to tell.  Now take the time to let them hear it.