My School My Choice Board President Amy Kelley wrote a letter to the editor for National School Choice Week that praises school choice and the parents who take advantage of the educational options available to our children.

National School Choice Week has arrived.  It’s a time for schools and families across the nation to celebrate all the different choices in public education that work well for our kids.  Ohio families are so fortunate to have a wide range of choices of where they want their child to attend school.

School choice allows us as parents the chance to choose the best educational environment for our children. Every child is different and has unique talents, challenges and learning styles.  The one-size-fits-all approach to educating our kids doesn’t cut it anymore and having a choice in where they are educated is crucial to the success of our children.  My children may excel in a private school or an online school, while others may find success in a traditional public school, public charter school or with homeschooling. 

A good education is important, it is the foundation of a successful future for our kids.  So providing our children with an education in the learning environment where they can thrive is crucial.  Finding that environment is not always as simple as sending your kid to the local public school building.  But there is no one who can possibly determine the place where our children will learn better than us, the parents. We know our children the best and, we are the best advocates for them.  

So this week, as we celebrate the fact that we have such good choices in public education, let’s also celebrate the parents who take advantage of those options and find the best school for their child. 

Amy Kelley, President of My School My Choice