The NAACP has finally made up its mind to be officially against parental choice.  For years they have wavered on public charter schools, but recently have been taking a tougher stance on these unique schools. 

The interesting thing is, African-American parents are in favor of school choice options and charter schools in particular.  Big time. A study conducted recently by Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies shows exactly how much African-American families favor school choice.  (Click on the link above to read more about this poll including a great video of a top pollster breaking down the results of this school choice poll.) Of the total number of respondents to this survey, 72% favored public charter schools.  Those who had children already involved in charters responded with a whopping 97% favorability.  97%!  All respondents to this survey were African-American.

So what is the NAACP up to when it’s quite obvious that families of color are able to access the type of education they desire their children to have?  We smell union involvement.  Teachers unions are after their support and as we all know, teachers unions and parental choice in education don’t seem to mix very well, for reasons that continue to elude us. 

Check out this Washington Post article that highlights the latest NAACP views against letting parents choose the best form of education for their own child.