ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, provides model legislation to legislators across the country.  Recently, ALEC decided to recommend two very specific policy models having to do with charter schools and student-centered accountability.  

The Student and Family Fair Notice and Impact Statement Act lays out guidelines for the closure or restructuring of a charter school and guidelines for giving students and families timely notice of changes being made.

As defined by ALEC, the second model, The Resolution on Student-Centered Accountability Systems,  “encourages states to use their flexibility under the Every Student Succeeds Act to enact student-centered accountability systems, rather than assessments that rely on aggregated and average data. Student-centered accountability systems are defined as systems following these general principles:

   Timely Provision of Student-Level Data

   Measure Student-Specific Progress and Restore the Focus of “High-Stakes” Testing to be on Advancing Individual Student Instruction and Growth

   Develop Important Individualized Measures Beyond Sole Reliance on “High-Stakes” Tests, Including Engagement, Teacher Input and Assessments, and Satisfaction

   Account for Mobility in Graduation Calculations and any other Aggregate Data Indicators

   Recognize and Respect Parental Intent

   Do Not Devalue Parental Choice by Treating Schools of Choice Differently

   Support and Protect Students Succeeding in Schools of Choice.”

For all families, students, supporters and educators in the charter school realm: we encourage you to pass this information along to your legislators.  Send them links to each policy model and let them know you’d like them to consider these options when drafting or voting on any bills that touch on these subjects. 

If you aren't sure who your legislators are or how to email them, it's easy!  

1. Find out your 4 digit zip code extension:

2. Insert your zip code and the 4 digit extension in the Find My Legislators box on the right hand of The Ohio Legislature site.  This will let you know who your representative and senator are.  Click on their name(s) and locate their email under the General Info section on their personal site.

Thank you for your constant support and for allowing lawmakers to hear your voice.