Our children are constantly watching us - our attitudes, the way we speak, interact with others, go about our day...  What we do and how we do it impacts them greatly.  What we value in life will ultimately end up becoming their values, too.  As parents, we long for our children to be successful in life.  And part of this is being aware of what we value, so we're sure that what we strongly believe in is being rooted in our children in a positive way.   

Taking time to recognize and understand what you value is important. Below is the start of a list of values.  More detailed descriptions of these values can be found in an article here.  

1. Have a strong work ethic.

2. Protect and care for each other.

3. Respect for each other and for all human beings.

4. Honesty.

5. Responsibility.

6. Tradition.

7. Generosity.

8. Intellectual curiosity.

9. Forgiveness.

10. Effective communication.

What do you want to pass along to your children that will instill success in them?  Taking time to understand and evaluate your beliefs is a crucial part to instilling them in your children.