It’s National Bullying Prevention Month, Students Need a Choice for Safe Schools


October is National Bullying Prevention Month. For too long students of different walks of life have been picked on and ridiculed in traditional public schools for who they are. There is hope, there is a choice. Students should have the freedom to attend public schools that fit their unique needs. LGBTQ students need safe schools, free from bullies, just as students with learning challenges need schools where they can learn unencumbered by teasing and bullying. Parents, not politicians, should make these choices for their children.

Teresa Fedor doesn’t trust parents to be able to make that decision for their own children. Teresa Fedor believes in a one-size-fits-all approach to education. By trying to deny them the choice they deserve, Teresa Fedor is bullying the students and parents in public charter schools.

Call Teresa Fedor. Tell her you think public school children deserve better. Tell her you think our children deserve a right to be free from bullies. Tell Teresa Fedor you don’t like her bullying students or parents.