What is My School My Choice?

We are an umbrella coalition made up of parents, teachers, public charter schools, public e-schools, choice advocacy groups, families and education leaders who care about the rights of all Ohio children and their families to choose the best school to meet their individual needs.  We exist to give them a voice at the local, regional and state levels.

What We Believe

Supporters of My School, My Choice share a common understanding and commitment to our three principles of choice regarding public education:

  • No child should be forced to attend a failing public school.
  • All children should have the opportunity to attend a high-quality school in which they excel and grow, where learning is combined with personal attention for students and parents, and where education is tailored to meet students' individual needs.
  • Traditional public schools are important, but are not the only approach to public education.

Our Goal

My School, My Choice started in 2007 when Governor Strickland attempted to eliminate key elements of parental choice.  Then in 2009 the My School My Choice Statehouse rally of over 4500 was the turning point in the effort to again save parents' right to choose.  The coalition will continue to be active, communicating ideas to policy makers and advocating for equal opportunity in education. 

We want not only to protect parental choice in Ohio, but to advance it so that every child gets the best education possible.